A Library in McMurdo

We have had quite an unlucky streak of cancellations. The New York Air National Guard crew who fly the aircraft for day lines departed from the ice for some deserved r & r. Their southbound flight from Christchurch has been delayed a couple times. No Guard, no flight, no surveying. Also, many of our night flights have been delayed due to weather.

With all the down time I have been reading a lot. Most of the books borrowed from home I stowed in Christchurch, but fortunately the library has a wide selection, including one section just on the Antarctic. It is conveniently located on the first floor of my dorm, and run by volunteers. I very much enjoy this space. It is cozy and warm, and gusts of wind against the glass produce the only sounds in the room.


Author: Alec Lockett

Alec grew up in Belmont, MA and graduated with a degree in Geology in May 2017 from Colorado College. His senior thesis used gravity and magnetic data from the ROSETTA-Ice 2015-2016 field season to interpret and characterize the bedrock beneath the Ross Ice Shelf, West Antarctica. The project is an interdisciplinary effort with the aim of understanding the systems interaction between the Ross Ice Shelf, underlying water and bedrock through an airborne geophysical survey. Geophysics, along with remote sensing (of the cryosphere) and structural geology, are some of Alec’s overarching interests, which grew while working in Antarctica with members of the ROSETTA-Ice group during the 2016-2017 season. Alec is participating in field data collection once more this fall/winter (Antarctic summer). Interests outside of geology include reading, hiking, skiing and biking.

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